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Here are a few of our 2020 success stories far!


To mark already surpassing the 5,000th patient for 2020, we are showing you that wildlife have personality too. A baby porcupine showing off and playing as you have probably never had the privilege of observing, likely leaves you unable to hold back a smile.

Pierce, being an orphan and coming into care at only 3 or 4 days old is no longer stressed by people and activity. But many of our adult patients are horribly stressed, resulting in slower recovery and sometimes even death. Pierce is sooooo excited and can’t wait to help them out. She wants you to be excited about improving our patients’ stay and speeding healing with our plan to give them an outdoor area to get away from the daily stresses and essential activity in the building.

Pierce’s challenge is that if you can’t help but smile, that you support our building fund even if it is only with the cost of a cup of coffee. If you don’t smile even a little, then you win.  Every dollar counts:  Building Fund Link
Check out Pierce's video below...just tap to see the fun!

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge


Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

What's this for again?

Pierce's Video

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

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Who's Hungry?

Oh deer! We currently have 6 young white-tailed deer in care at Shades of Hope, and have transferred 5 to other rehabilitation centres we work closely with.

This young fawn came to us at the end of May after being found on the side of the road beside her dead mother. She was unable to stand, and x-rays revealed a broken pelvis. With medications, rest, and encouragement from adopted siblings, Wibbles has overcome her trauma and is now a happy prancing fawn!

Baby Green Heron

Baby Green Heron

This little guy has been with us for a few weeks now and is growing into a fine young heron!

Baby Green Heron

Baby Green Heron

"Cool Fact" - they are one of the world's few tool-using birds!
This little bird will often create fishing lures to entice small fish to come closer! Using insects and feathers, he will drop them on the surface of the water ... and wait!

Baby Green Heron

Baby Green Heron

Small and discrete, Green Herons can be found around ponds and swamp areas throughout Southern Ontario in the summer months.

Baby Green Heron

Baby Green Heron

Standing very still at the waters edge, they will watch for small fish to feed on. They will sometimes dive after prey as well.

Fishing Line Dangers - Shades of Hope Shades of Hope - Long-tailed Duck Survivor


Our one survivor ... a lovely female ... has returned home to Lake Simcoe. Here's hoping she finds her flock quickly as she lost both of her male friends in the disastrous tangle.

...Rescued in Early May
3 Beautiful Long-tailed ducks were rescued off Georgina Island yesterday where they had become entangled in fishing line that was floating below the surface of the water. Their legs and wings were bound tightly from their struggles to free themselves.

One male lost his leg in the struggle and could not be saved
A second male was cut free but the trauma & stress of the event was too much for him and he passed away hours later.
One female has survived. Cut free, her wounds treated, she is recovering in our pond.

This is a tragic and unnecessary end to the lives of these special creatures. Human waste kills!! We desperately need to "clean up our act" out there. As you spring clean, pick up garbage and dispose properly. Let's all try just a little harder to live safely and well in our shared environment.


Little Red Fox

This very broken little red fox was rescued off the road near Georgia.  He was rushed to SOH with a fractured pelvis, dislocated elbow and various other injuries. Unconscious and broken; his chances were grim.

Ready for Release

After 7 weeks of critical care and rehabilitation, Little Red was ready and anxious to return to his mate.  Rescuer, Georgia joined us for the exciting release. Be well Little Red!



Homeward Bound

A beautiful young yearling, this prickly patient was returned to Peterborough where we expect she will "pick up where she left off"!

She needed a little help with nutrition over her first winter but she is feisty and anxious to be on her journey again.

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Night Rescue

This coyote was discovered by a resident out walking his dog.  
Unable to move, our team managed to gather him into a crate and transport him back to SOH where he is now recuperating in a safe environment.  We believe he must have collided with a vehicle as he is very sore and a little uncoordinated.

Happy To Go Home

After 6 weeks in care, this beauty was released back in home territory!
A huge thank you to the rescuers for their quick action and to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary who took this patient in to ensure he had enough outdoor exercise before release!


Another Chance

... for a gunshot squirrel.

Rescued by OSPCA, Markham Animal Control, this poor guy had been suffering several days with a gun pellet lodged between his shoulders. He had been with us for several weeks before he was stable enough to attempt to perform surgery. The pellet was lodged securely beside the vertebrae at the base of his neck.

Dr Cliff and our medical staff worked hard on this little guy and although every move was critically dangerous, there were no other alternatives for our furry patient.

We are happy to report that surgery was successful!! "Chomps" the Eastern Gray Squirrel is currently recovering wonderfully. He is climbing (and biting!) again with the fervour of a wild one looking forward to being free very soon!

Shades of Hope Shades of Hope

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