Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

"Shades of Hope" is a Registered Charity located in the town of Georgina, Ontario. Licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Canadian Wildlife Services, SOH serves the GTA and areas throughout the South Central Ontario corridor. Our Mission is to nurture, treat & rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy animals back into their natural habitats.

As commercial and residential growth continues to explode north of the GTA, our wildlife is being pushed aside into smaller and smaller spaces. Sadly, a large number of wild birds, mammals & reptiles regularly fall victim to road accidents, human cruelty and lack of suitable habitat and food. As the need for rescue of these orphaned and injured animals has increased, Shades of Hope has made the commitment to provide veterinary care, proper nourishment and a safe place to flourish until they are prepared to resume their rightful place in nature. If you have a wildlife crisis, we will try to help. When we are unable to assist directly, we will help find another resource where possible.

Donations are greatly needed to support the costs of feed, medicine and habitats for these animals. Please check out ourĀ Wish List & Gift Shop. Help us Save A Life Today! Our many patients appreciate your help and support!


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