Welcome to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Shades of Hope is a registered charity located in the town of Georgina, Ontario, Canada. 

Licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries and Canadian Wildlife Services, Shades of Hope serves the Greater Toronto Area and other municipalities throughout the South Central Ontario Corridor.  Our Mission is to nurture, treat and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy animals back into their natural habitats.

As commercial and residential growth continues to explode, our wildlife is being pushed aside into ever smaller spaces. Sadly, a large number of wild birds, mammals and reptiles regularly fall victim to road accidents, human cruelty and the scarcity of suitable habitat and food. As the need for rescue of orphaned and injured wild animals increases, Shades of Hope is committed to providing veterinary care, proper nourishment and a safe place to flourish until they can resume their rightful place in nature. 

If you have a wildlife crisis, we are here to help. If we are unable to assist directly, we will help you find another resource.  Donations are greatly needed to support the costs of feed, medicine and habitats for these animals in need.

Our many patients appreciate your help and support!

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Meet Our Leadership Team

This is the amazing team that works tirelessly to continue to save wild lives.

Gail Lenters Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Gail Lenters


As the Shades of Hope Wildlife Custodian, Gail holds the permits granted in 2012 by both the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries and Canadian Wildlife Services.

With more than 30 years of business management experience, Gail is responsible for the structure and direction of the charity. It’s Gail’s passion for conservation and animal care that led her into wildlife rehabilitation and continues to drive us forward to meet the increasing demands for our services.

Dr. Lawrence Woodley Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Dr. Lawrence Woodley, DVM

Shades of Hope Veterinarian

Dr Woodley is our Vet on Record, responsible for our CVO certified Shades of Hope Wildlife Hospital. Practicing veterinary medicine at the Georgina Veterinary Clinic which he opened in 1981, he is also an MNRF licenced Wildlife Custodian. With a passion for raptors, Dr. Woodley has been treating wildlife for more than 20 years.

Dr. Cliff Redford Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Dr. Cliff Redford, DVM


Dr. Redford (aka Dr. Cliff) practices medicine out of Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Markham which he opened in 2000. He also practices around the world, donating his time and expertise in such places as Jamaica, Greece, Egypt and India. A member of our medical team for more than 2 years, Dr. Cliff is our primary vet in attendance. You can follow his global adventures on youtube at drcliffworldwidevet.

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Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge
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